Saliba is clearly happy with his career at Marseille

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On-loan defender William Saliba has insisted he is happy at Marseille and expressed a desire to stay at OM.

         The 21-year-old defender was released back to play in his homeland after missing a place in the Arsenal squad, where he is the main character of the team and has performed impressively. by playing up to 45 games in every show this season It has been played in 31 league games and has helped the club stay second at the top of the table at the moment.

         Saliba has always made it clear that he is happy with his career at OM and is ready to stay at the club, but it depends on negotiations between the two ufabet clubs.

         “There’s always a chance I am not hiding that I am very happy at Marseille,” Saliba told Le Parisien.

         “If I’m in the France national team, thank you to Marseille because there is a lot of clarity here. They are a big club with a lot of pressure. But when you do well, a lot of good things happen to you.”

         “We’ll see each other in May or June depending on the discussion. For today, my future, I don’t know what it is.”