Muller undisputed new Bayern contract soon

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Veteran striker Thomas Muller has had no problem agreeing a contract extension with Bayern Munich until 2025.

German publication Bild reports that Bayern Munich are close to extending a new contract with Muller until 2025. Replacing the current deal that expires in 2023, despite the 32-year-old. News reports stated that Negotiations between Bayern and Muller’s representatives are ongoing. And it is expect that an agreement will be reach soon.

In line with the words of the players interviewed after the 3-0 win over Armenia Bielefeld on Sunday. “Both sides want to renew the contract. And I believe that in the end we can find a solution together, how, when, where, and you’ll know,” said Muller. For Muller, he is a boy of Bayern who has always played for one ufabet club. So far, he has played 623 games, scoring 226 goals in all competitions. 

Many successes together He has won 10 Bundesliga titles and is on his way to 11th this season, and has won two UEFA Champions League titles.

Because Müller still wants to play and even the bosses don’t pay him €20m a year to sit on the bench in important games. The question will be whether Nagelsmann will find a solution satisfactory to all parties or whether he will have to justify his decision in front of the media, fans and officials week after week.

Anyway: the extension of Müller’s contract is inevitable for the Munich team. Whether they are doing their trainer a favor or willingly accepting another secondary theater of war remains to be seen.