Fati rejected surgery as advised by doctors

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Ansu Fati has spent about three months rehabilitating after refusing to undergo surgery for his latest injury on the recommendation of club doctors.

Barcelona‘s 19-year-old forward Ansu Fati has decide not to undergo surgery. On his latest injury at the advice of the ufabet club’s doctors until he recovers naturally. And is expect to return at the end of the season. This April, according to a report from ‘Deario Sport’ on Monday. 

Barcelona forward Fati has been dealt with four injuries in the past 18 months. He suffered a serious knee injury in November 2020 that required him to rest until September last year. 

The 19-year-old forward has only been playing for a month before suffering a hamstring injury and is out until January. He returned to play three more games. But was injure again and had to be rest since then. Until returning to training at the end of March and is schedule to return to the ring in the game against Cadiz on Monday night. However, the club has to postpone the return of the stadium until the players are fully physical. And is expect to happen at the end of April. 

According to reports, Fati has decline to undergo surgery on his latest injury at the recommendation of the club’s doctors and opted for a natural treatment. Under the supervision of former basketball player Pao Gasol’s trust physiotherapist. famous spanish national team