4 steps to change the capital of playing in the hundreds into profits in the millions with football betting

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It must be familiar and anyone can do it with football betting. That allows players to earn up to 200-300 baht per day per day. Overall, players will be able to make a profit of up to 1 hundred thousand baht from playing within a period of 1 year, but believe it or not, a certain number of football players is capable of so much that Able to turn hundreds of profits into millions of profits within a short period of time, of course, whoever wants to do so has brought this information to reveal to everyone who reads it.

1. Choose a gambling website that will be a good long-term investment partner

The first step that players will have to pay attention to is the matter of the gambling website ufabet that the player will use for their own investment services. Because the gambling website is another factor that can tell whether players will be successful from football betting or not. Because if talking about bad luck to use the service on the gambling website that is not good, has no quality Instead of being able to make profits from betting out then It turns out that it may be a loss on its own.

  • A good gambling website will have promotions that help promote the profitability of the players. This allows players to have less chance of losing from each bet. For example, promotions that have good results in investment. That will help return the players lost that week at 5 per cent, allowing players to easily bring this money back into their investment.
  • Betting websites that do not take advantage of players too in terms of odds. The odds that will occur in each match depend on the betting website that issued the odds here. In which some betting websites will have odds set that no matter. How the player can predict the outcome of the match, winning cannot be profitable.
  • There must be a help center or prompt service. No matter how good the design of the system is, but problems or BUG that will occur in the use of the service will always occur. That’s why the website needs to have a staff to take care of you here 24 hours a day. She can fix these issues quickly as well.

Choosing a good gambling website is like choosing a good life partner. If we choose to use a service with a gambling website that intends to cheat money rather than creating investments with players, then Of course, no matter how much money you play with your investment, you will always be at a loss. Entering these websites is intended to make players lose money already.

2. Choose an investment mode that is suitable for the player. Not a popular investment mode

Some of the investment modes in popular gambling sites are: Football Handicap Odds Betting Mode Football betting step category that can profit up to 1 million baht, but not everyone will be able to profit from these modes of competition. In football betting competitions, there are also other types of investments that players can use as well. This may be easier and even faster to make profits.

  • First and Last Goal Betting Mode In this betting mode, it does not count towards all results. But players can speculate on the first and last goals that football teams can score. The winning unit is as high as 1 to 1, not losing to the mainstream investments. It also has the advantage that in 1 race, both bets can be placed at the same time. which resulted in a profit of more than 2 times
  • Corner Betting Mode In this play mode we are able to speculate on the total number of corners taken in the match. Divide the investment into high points and low points. which is counted from the total number of soccer balls that have been kicked into the sidelines The technique of speculating on corner kicks is to mainly look at the form of the two football teams if both football teams have an offensive form. Think ahead of time that you have to bet on high scores. As well as both teams and focus on defensive, choose to bet on low scores. But if both types are taking turns to attack and defend, don’t choose to invest, it’s better because it can make predictions difficult.

The two other football betting categories we’ve discussed on this topic are very interesting investments. Because it is easy to play and there is a huge chance that the player will be able to make a profit. In some cases, some players still prefer to gamble with such extra income. More than the main investment

3. Make a plan so that you can see long-term profitability

In each football betting, players cannot rely on their luck to place bets. Because of the luck that cannot create stability and permanent in winning the football match. If we want to gamble as a professional football player, there is no real income. Players must have both short-term and long-term planning. For free, we will be able to see the results of the profit balance before starting the game itself.

  • Players should specify that in the investment period this amount How much will the player invest and how many days will it be shared? Planning and categorizing your investments clearly will reduce the problem of overbets or placing too many bets at a time. which is the cause of the loss
  • The ratio between profit and loss incurred in each play. The difference is 1 to 2 times, with every time a player can make a profit on a daily basis. It should be a profit that is at least 2 times the money that the player loses invested. For example, the player accepts a loss at 100 baht. The amount of profit that the player should make each day is a minimum of 200 baht.
  • We can now summarize the profit we need for each day. We will be able to calculate in the long run that if we play like this in a total of 100 days, the profit we will be able to make is the total amount of 10,000 baht. This is due to the fact that we can make a total profit of 20,000 baht and have a chance of losing not more than All ten thousand baht.

Investment planning is very important. The reason why many people are not successful from playing and investing in football players. It is caused by the fact that they do not know how to plan their investments well beforehand. The loss rate is much higher than the profit. For example, you can play with a profit of 100, but lose 400-500 baht at a time, which often happens to everyone, not only new gamblers.

4. Choose to speculate on a pair at a time, you don’t have to play multiple games at a time

In each football bet, the betting site allows us to bet up to 10 pairs, which means there is an opportunity for the player to make profits up to 10 times each day. In fact, we don’t have to bet all 10 pairs because if we use a heavy investment and choose to invest in only 1 pair that we really show, we can make a profit not losing with investment 10. Couples at the same time

  • Pair-by-match betting is useful here, making it easier for players to focus on their investments. We will have to consider whether the football we are interested in speculating. How happy and interesting to invest with?
  • Can predict the results of the competition more easily. because we can divide the concentration and time that must be used with the remaining 9 football pairs in one pair This allows us to accurately predict the outcome of the match due to the time of analysis.
  • Make a speculation on a single football pair with a heavy amount. From the beginning, we may have 500 baht and divide it into 100 baht per pair. We may only win 3 pairs and lose 2 pairs, but if we invest heavily in one pair 500 baht won and received a full profit back of 500

As for the fourth topic, it may be a matter of aptitude and preferences of each person. which may not be able to tell which investment is best for the player himself But this approach will make it easier for players to devote their time and concentration. thus making betting more accurate